Late night study tunes: edn. VIII

I’m struggling to find the time/motivation to write a real post at the moment. I’m been working my butt off so my life pretty much revolves around study at this point. I’ve been sitting at my desk since 11am. It’s midnight. That’s a long time. But I’m getting lots done.

My insatiable thirst for knowledge is biting me on the bum, though, because I need to stop reading and just finish writing! I’m so close but the editing process is just highlighting so many gaps in my research that need filling… particularly as certain parts of this thesis were written prior to 2010, and you know – the Internet, it changes quickly.

Anyway, I’ve been listening to music all day, which has been nice. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve gotten used to having constant sound, and I can actually listen to stuff with vocals in it again! So although I’ve listened to heaps of different stuff all day, I thought I’d post this:

This is the debut, self-titled album from a group of young Australian guys (I think they might be brothers?) named The Rubens. They’re just really good. That kid who’s singing has a beautifully soulful voice that more than likely belies his youth, and for a young band (both in terms of age and time spent together as a group) they have a really smooth sound. I love a great debut album, but sometimes you listen back to them after a while and it’s almost shocking to hear the rawness of early work. I feel like this is a much more polished effort, though, but still an honest recording.

I’d be really interested to know what my tiny handful of readers out in Internetland are listening to lately. I’ve been devouring new music lately… something about the final stages of my thesis and my renewed thirst for knowledge is transferring over to music, as well.

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