I think it’s time that I finally accept that I absolutely suck at baking.


I followed the recipes to a T, even cooking for a shorter time than recommended as I know my oven is strong, and this happened:

20130305_124927So I gave up a valuable morning of study to make these cupcakes for my friend whose birthday it is tomorrow, and they taste frigging rubbish, and they’re pretty nasty looking, too. Did I follow a crappy recipe, or am I a crappy baker? My instinct is pointing to ‘crappy baker’; this kind of thing is not unusual for me.

In fact, that’s why that one white cupcake is there: because I made the vanilla flavoured ones (which actually taste overwhelmingly and unsettlingly of egg, thanks to the recipe that recommended I use four eggs in 24 cakes worth of batter), but one of the egg vanilla cupcakes overflowed and I had leftover batter so thought I’d make an extra one to make up for it. Hah!

I also made a super-secret flavour which turned out pretty well, oh except for the fact that they took 15 minutes longer than recommended to bake, and seem to have shrunk so now they’re too small for their cases.

Why can’t I do this? I mean I could just slather them all in icing (which is what I plan to do anyway) but I would be pretty bummed to receive rubber-flavoured chocolate cupcakes or egg-flavoured vanilla cupcakes, paired with tiny super-secret cupcakes in giant cases. It’s a good thing that I’m unusually good at piping icing (although that kind of makes sense – I always was better at painting than sculpture).

Siiiighhhhhhh. I should stick to studying. Or cooking savoury foods. I can do that.


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