Freddie and the Machine

I can’t get Florence and the Machine out of my head this week.

She’s just so dramatic, but I’d probably be dramatic too if I had that voice and that hair. (I’m already pretty dramatic, sans her voice, and with a different kind of crazy hair.)

This wasn’t a very dramatic week for me, so I have no idea why she keeps creeping into my mind.

I definitely wanted to lie on the floor of my apartment earlier this week with a bottle of red wine and sing along to all of her songs. Whilst crying. Alone.

The strange thing is that I wasn’t feeling at all bad; maybe it was just the drama trying to break free.

Oh okay. Have some Queen, too. Queen > Florence, in case you were wondering. Freddie was literally the best.

It’s almost 8am and I drank too much coffee last night whilst editing and I can’t sleep. Sadly I also can’t organise my thoughts whatsoever, so now I’m just waiting for sleep to happen. Or I might just drink more coffee. And eat a muffin. #yolo #studentlyfe #hashtagsonwordpresslulz


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3 thoughts on “Freddie and the Machine

    1. erin Post author

      She’s so great when the mood strikes! I’ve seen her live a couple of times – at Laneway Festival and her own show – and was just completely entranced both times.


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