e to the rin

Hi! I’m Erin. Welcome!


PhD student at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. Due to submit in late 2013. Studies social networks, blogs, storytelling, human geographies, and place identity.

Obsessed with music - mostly sad songs by Englishmen, but a fair amount of stuff made without guitars, too. Complicated music that makes you think, ambient sounds, local hip hop.

Lover of all things animal, particularly canine.

Also tends to rant a lot about politics, TV, human decency, food, and ethical consumption.

Sufferer of the most extreme case of wanderlust, always having travel plans in the works. I’ve visited twenty four countries, and in December 2013 I’m heading off overseas for however long the money lasts.

In love with the written word but never having enough time to read it. Beholder of an insatiable thirst for knowledge that results in many wonderful journeys through Wikipedia and hours spent watching documentaries about science. Excellent person to have on your team at a quiz night.

Generally found sitting behind a computer doing something nerdy, or sitting in the sun with a beer and conversation.






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