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Late night study tunes: edn. VI

It’s not really late night yet, but, behold! Bat For Lashes’ new album, The Haunted Man.


I haven’t really listened to Bat For Lashes much in the past, but I suddenly have no idea why not. They’re really fucking good.

Everything about this album is awesome, from the title to the cover to the music. Oh, the music! I know it’s a bit naff to link to the lead single, but really, it’s just that good.

They’re playing at (St Jerome’s) Laneway (Festival) next year which is fantastic and all but I wasn’t planning on going because the Perth show is the weekend before I hope to submit my thesis, but now I’m totally torn because they’re really quite wonderful, so I suppose I will have to try make up a week’s worth of work somehow in order that I may be footloose and fancy free on the 9th of February.