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Caterina is not ‘my wife’

I’ve been reading Jessica Livingston’s interview with Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr (along with her husband Stewart Butterfield) in the book Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days. It’s an incredibly interesting piece, but I was so shocked to read the following passage:

There is a lot of institutionalized sexism working against women in business and I think that people aren’t even aware that it’s there. One example happened when we went down to Silicon Valley to meet with a venture capital firm. After the meeting, the VC spoke to someone associated with our company and said to him, “Tell Stewart not to bring his wife to VC meetings.” Which was shocking to me, and Stewart was furious about this as well. He let everybody know, “Caterina is not ‘my wife.’ She is instrumental to the success of this company. Her contributions have been equal to mine.”

I’m not a woman in business, but I am a woman in STEM (although because I consider myself an academic first, in professional terms, I do forget this sometimes!). I’ve been lucky so far in the context of my work not to have been the victim of sexist attitudes, and I hope I never am. (Actually, I lie: in my very first semester of teaching, I was told by a male student in his 50s that he refused to take instruction from me, a woman.) If anything, I know of more women in my field than men! It’s shocking that Fake was regarded as merely “the wife” as recently as 10 years ago; it’s more shocking that it undoubtedly still goes on today.

I definitely recommend getting your hands on this book if you can. Some fascinating stories about how the Internet-based companies we know today got started and have prospered, even when the market seems already to be saturated.

Flickr – the web’s most successful SNS?

As the picture above suggests, I’ve been an Flickr user for 8 years, and Instagram (though I do use it) does not even compare. One of my main reasons, other than research purposes, for using Instagram was the fact that my social network on Flickr was limited. There was nothing wrong with the site – it’s just that the kids (i.e. my friends) hadn’t caught on.

Flickr has recently launched a new smartphone app (as far as I know it’s on Android & iPhone – I’ve got an Android and it’s definitely available there) that makes navigating, sharing, and socialising easier than ever, whilst the web-based site remains as good as ever.

I’m going to comment more on the whole Instagram-photo-ownership-shebang when I’ve had my morning coffee and sorted out what this day has in store for me, but in the mean time you can read what Tama Leaver had to say about the service’s updated terms of use.

I don’t know if I’ll jump ship on Instagram entirely, but I’m going to preference Flickr once more – just like I did for 7.5 of the past 8 years.

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